Note: Most of my followers are here for my writing and I never actually post anything because I don’t have the time to write at all. Now, my writing style is generally descriptive and I loathe writing conversations because I feel I don’t make them natural enough. I adore Jay’s ability to convey a scene just through spoken word however, so I decided to give it a go. I had written a prom scenario for the Veronica Mars fandom once so worked off the idea with the Dalton-Dobry Spring Mixer :) Also, I don’t know how to make a cut on tumblr [so sue me - I don’t know how to gif either xD] so here goes - - !

Champagne Kisses

"It’s about time those two started dancing."


"Logan and Julian, they’re right over there."


"There! They look so happy."




"It’s rude to stare at people other than your date, you know."

"Well, when the other people are so much more attractive…"


"I’m kidding, they’re guys! Ow, hey, that hurt!"

"You’re the manly one, aren’t you?"

"Hmm, I’ll ignore that. I was only staring ‘coz it’s so weird seeing them together. Looks like they’re having fun, though."

"Yeah, it’s a change from seeing them shouting from opposite sides of the room all the time."

"Too true. I like your dress, by the way."


"Did you go through all the trouble getting prettied up just for lil ol’ me?"

"Maybe…then again, I might’ve been trying to impress somebody else - you never know…"

"Please, you’re dancing with the best looking guy in the room, who else would you want to impress?"

"Oooh I admire your modesty. Who have you been hanging out with lately, Derek?"

"Well, sometimes. Is he the one you’ve got your eye on?”

"Would you care if I said he was?"

"Probably, because then I’d have to beat him up for stealing my girl, and we’re team mates so…"

"Aww that’s sweet, in a twisted, violent sort of way…"

"Don’t worry, it’s not gonna happen. He just took off down the hall with that brunette from your house."

"Oh, God, really? I should go rescue her… when this song’s over."

"Why does she need rescuing? Don’t you trust Derek?"


"Don’t look at me like that, common, Derek’s not that bad a guy.”

"He’s slept with half of Lima!"

"…Errr…you could have a point there… Okay, so maybe he’s not the most trustworthy guy around…"

"No, not the most."

"You have to admire him though, I mean, how many people do you know who can get that wasted and still get a girl to go off with him?”

"Is that his hidden talent? Getting drunk, then getting laid?"

"It’s pretty much his most famous talent."

"Ah, Prince Charming! Now I’m even more tempted to ditch you for him."

"You plan to lure him away from his latest playmate by walking past in that dress?"

"Yep. Darn, that was meant to be a secret, though, so don’t tell my boyfriend."

"It’s a very nice dress. Very pretty."

"You’ve already said that."

"Yes, well, I do need to make sure you and your dress stay here with me after all."

"Well I’m here for now, no worries. You’ll have to think of a way to keep me interested, though."

"Oh I’m sure I can come up with something…"

"Did you see that!"


"Tabitha just dragged Han onto the dance floor!"

"Seriously? Where?"

"To your left! He looks scandalized, poor thing."

"I don’t blame him, look at her move!"

"He’s not bad, actually. That dip was nice, even if he did try to drop her at the end.”

"Well, I … um, haven’t stepped on your feet yet."

"Aw, is someone jealous? This is Han we’re talking about, Charlie, you know he’s just a friend."

"I wasn’t worried."

Don’t step on my feet, however.”

"Can do. I really hope somebody’s getting footage since Han is obviously so distracted"

"He looks like he’s being tortured!"

"Woah, there he goes running off. I can’t believe he actually took so long to get away."

"Please, you know Tabitha - once she gets something into her head…"

"Yes, well, obviously she’s a woman on the verge of commitment to the looney bin. I mean, Han? Dancing? Seriously, what’s she been smoking?"

"Hey, he’s a nice guy!"

"Damn straight, but she’s the bloody devil! I can’t believe Wes brought her, I think I’d prefer to see you running off with Derek than ever hanging out with her.”

"Oh, God, I should go rescue Casey…"

"The song’s not over yet."

"True, guess I’m stuck here with you for now."

"Your enthusiasm is delightful."

"You should come visit me during my History class, my enthusiasm there skyrockets."

"What, are you comparing our relationship to a history lesson?"

"There was loads of romance in history."

"Even the mad, passionate kind that we share?"

"Quite likely."

"Where the tall, handsome young man presses the petite blonde up against the wall and…"

"Charlie!! We’re in public, someone might hear!"

"Sorry, but it’s your own fault, you know."

My fault?”

"Well, yes, I mean – did you really expect to turn up here looking so beautiful and not expect me to say things like this?"

"Stop, you’re making me blush."

"You look cute when you blush."

"Should the teachers be worrying about your hormones right now?"

"Oh, most definitely. Maybe later I can tell you the rest of that history story…"

"I’d be careful, good sir. A gal may think you’re just dancing with her to get her to get some action later."

"Would you object if I was?"

"If that’s all you want? Of course! I’m a lady, you know, and not a cheap one either."

"Darn, well at least the song’s soon over. Ow, hey, joking! For such a delicate thing, you sure as hell hit hard!"

"So now I’m cheap and violent?"

"No, no, you’re my darling princess."

"And here I was, thinking chivalry’s dead."

"Ah, well, we all know who does the thinking in our relationship."

"At this rate you and your hormones are going to be very lonely for the rest of this Spring mixer."

"Speaking of hormones, looks like somebody is gonna get lucky tonight – Blaine’s just left with Kurt.”

"Probably took advantage of Shane leaving to find Reed a drink. The guy hasn’t stopped running to him for advice all night."

"They’re brothers, you expect it from them."

"Well I dunno, I’m an only child."

"Ah, don’t worry, you’ve got me."

"I don’t think most people make out with their ‘brothers’."

"Good thing I’m not actually your brother then. Wait, does this mean there’s going to be making out soon? Ah, I may not have to ditch you after this song after all"


"Ow! What is with you and hitting me today?"

"What’s with you and putting your foot in your mouth today?"

"Hope, darling, I’m always putting my foot in my mouth."

"True, true."

"You weren’t supposed to agree with me…"

"Why not? You were actually saying something that made sense for once."

"Is this your idea of the stereotypical loving girlfriend?"

"Yes, all girls are allowed exceptions when their boyfriends are acting like asses."

"Sometimes I wonder why I’m still with you."

"Sometimes you wonder why you’re still with me? What about why I put up with you?”

"I know why you put up with me – here -“

"… ohhh yeah, that makes sense. It’s a very good reason if you ask me. You taste like champagne."

"You do too."

"Not as much as you."

"Would you like me to test that theory?"

"I’d love it…." 

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